Pre-Spring Updates from the Desk of Jade Blackwater

March 10, 2010

Contrary to what logic might suggest, my low-attendance at the Brainripples blog is in fact a sign of how busy I’ve been.

Here’s a little update from my desk:

Copywriting and Poetry

Concise language is important for both copywriting and poetry.  Since December I’ve enjoyed the dual tasks of copywriting for Kathi “george” Wheeler of Noise w/o Sound Graphic Design, and revising poetry from my 2009 journals to prepare for a round of submissions this spring.  Of all the writing I do, poetry revision is probably the most difficult.  It’s delicate work to revise small handfuls of words without losing the voice.

Festival of the Trees

Last November Dave Bonta and Pablo invited me to join their team in support of the Festival of the Trees blog carnival.  You all know how much I love this project, so you can imagine how stoked I am to lend a hand.  We’re looking for volunteers to host! Read an interview by The Nature Blog Network with the Festival of the Trees crew.  The Festival of the Trees is @treebloggers on Twitter and Identica.

Pennwriters 2010

All lovers of literature can find me this spring May 14-16, 2010 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the Pennwriters Annual Conference: The Writer’s Craft.  To learn more, read this Feature Artist Interview with Conference Coordinator Ayleen Stellhorn.  You can count on seeing me in PA next year too – I’m running for VP this term to support Carol Silvis; she and I are working hard in preparation for 2010-2012.

@JadeBlackwater on Twitter

You can now follow me @JadeBlackwater on Twitter where I tweet about writing and art, ecology and conservation, sustainability and gardening, and everything else that makes me think.  I never thought I’d be a tweep, but I’m already a nerd, so I shouldn’t be that surprised.  To help preserve my time, I typically schedule tweets in advance via HootSuite, and to help preserve my readership I shorten links via  (I also like to poke around #poettues hosted by @robertleebrewer.)

JLB Blogs on the Move

I’ve been tweeting away since January while my blogs Brainripples, AppleJade, and Arboreality appear to languish in neglect.  In fact, I’m preparing to relocate my blogging adventures under one roof at (including a much-needed new web design).  Since I’ve been blogging for five years, it seems like the right time to try on the big girl pants.  Prepare yourself for the next incarnation of my blogs as I shake off the old and don the new.  (Sheesh, how many more metaphors do you think I could have packed into this paragraph?)

Coming Up Next

Show and Tell Friday is beyond over due, and I’ve found so much cool stuff on my Twitter adventures.  I’ll put one together for you soon!  I was also invited for a fun phone interview with Perry Norton of PanRight Productions.  I’d like to share that with you all soon.  Finally, I’ll be selecting at least one poem from my drafts to share here, probably something I love but know I won’t submit.


The Festival of the Trees 28 is now online

October 1, 2008

Join us at Arboreality to enjoy ‘Art and Arboreality’ with tree-inspired stories, poems, paintings, photographs, and more.  The Festival of the Trees 28 – Art and Arboreality features tree and forest blog posts from around the world.

Wednesday Evening Mid-Week-Muse

September 24, 2008

Tree Stories

September 15, 2008

Seeking inspiration?  Talk to a tree.  The Festival of the Trees 28 will be hosted at Arboreality on October 1, and I would like to share a little “art and arboreality”.

Many of us have specific, personal stories about a tree or forest from our lives. Blogging is a great medium for short story-telling, so that’s what I encourage this month: photoblog, videoblog, break out the crayons, sing a song, write a poem, whatever moves you: tell us a story about a tree or forest from your life. Or make one up. Or do something even cooler. (And then send me the link.)

Submission deadline is Saturday, September 27, 2008.  Submit your blog posts to me via email at jadeblackwater [at] brainripples [dot] com, or use the blog carnival submission form.  Spread the word: please feel welcome to invite others to participate!

To volunteer to host an upcoming issue, visit The Festival of the Trees coordinating blog.

Show and Tell Friday

February 8, 2008

Warm Winter Sunrise, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Today’s Show and Tell is brief – I have many writing projects keeping me good and busy!

First, check out Todd Tibbetts’ blog Exit Strategy News: Nuggets for Knowledge Workers where you’ll see a whiteboard that’s at least a busy as mine and enjoy flash backs to the creative boom of the early dotcom era via Todd’s own cartoon art.

Lisa Kastner at Humna Humna shares a listing of Writers Forums for writers in the Philadelphia area for the next few months.  (And remember, if you’re in the Philadelphia area you can join us for our monthly writers’ critique group).

Diane M. Schuller is planning a garden labyrinth at her blog Alberta Postcards, Conspire to Inspire where she invites us to “use what talents you possess” in the words of Henry Van Dyke.

And in other news, the Festival of the Trees will be hosted in March at Orchards Forever.  If you’re looking for a topic to inspire you, here’s what our March host Peg is cooking up:

“I’d like to try and adhere to a theme of fruit trees and orchards… but virtually anything that is even loosely connected to that theme is welcome! Gardening and growing, horticulture, heirloom fruits, food and recipes, environmental and conservation issues, folklore and mythology, travel, what have you!”

Create a post and send your links to amberapple [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog for more information.

For me: back to work!  For you: have an excellent weekend.

Coming up at Arboreality: The Festival of the Trees

May 18, 2007

Temperate forests, Western WashingtonThe Festival of the Trees is returning to Arboreality, and there is still time to submit your tree, forest, and wood related blog posts!  The deadline is May 29th, and the Festival will be published June 1st at Arboreality.


All you artists, writers, and other creatives… please feel welcome to join in the fun!  If you want some ideas, check out today’s reminder at Arboreality, or the About page at the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog.


Send your submissions to me via email: jadeblackwater [at] brainripples [dot] com, or simply use the Blog Carnival submission form online.


And remember, it doesn’t have to be your own – feel welcome to send me links to other great tree, forest and wood related blog posts and pictures that you’ve found as you’ve wandered the woods.  Looking forward to reading your submissions!

Festival of the Trees 7 online at The Voltage Gate

January 2, 2007

Oriental SpruceHappy New Year everyone!  Jeremy of The Voltage Gate is kicking our new year off right with the Festival of the Trees 7.  You can enjoy writing and photography of all kinds at this month’s festival!


Would you like to participate in the Festival of the Trees?  The Festival of the Trees runs once per month, and includes posts about trees and forests of all kinds.  If you’d like to share a fun blog post, a piece of writing, some photography, or a work of art in the festival, just post it at your blog, and then send the link to the host.

Next month’s Festival of the Trees 8 will be hosted by Gingko Dreams.  Submissions can be sent to kelly [at] gingkodreams [dot] com. Deadline for submissions is January 29th.

You don’t have to be a dedicated tree-blogger to host the Festival of the Trees!  If you are interested in becoming a host, be sure to check out the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog to learn more.