Moving Time: Brainripples Now Lives at

June 1, 2010

The Brainripples blog has moved! Please update your links:


I am excited to announce that the Brainripples blog now has a new, permanent home at

My blogs Brainripples, Arboreality, and AppleJade will all live together under one domain. For those who prefer the original channels, my blog will be simply categorized by Studio, Forest, and Garden respectively. You can read more details here.

All Brainripples content published at will remain as-is for the time being, so that no active links will be broken. In coming months I hope to republish the best content at my own website including interviews, articles, features, and other goodies.

I wish to extend my thanks to the great folks at, without whose free hosted blogging services, friendly support community, and awesome technology, the Brainripples blog could not be possible.



Pre-Spring Updates from the Desk of Jade Blackwater

March 10, 2010

Contrary to what logic might suggest, my low-attendance at the Brainripples blog is in fact a sign of how busy I’ve been.

Here’s a little update from my desk:

Copywriting and Poetry

Concise language is important for both copywriting and poetry.  Since December I’ve enjoyed the dual tasks of copywriting for Kathi “george” Wheeler of Noise w/o Sound Graphic Design, and revising poetry from my 2009 journals to prepare for a round of submissions this spring.  Of all the writing I do, poetry revision is probably the most difficult.  It’s delicate work to revise small handfuls of words without losing the voice.

Festival of the Trees

Last November Dave Bonta and Pablo invited me to join their team in support of the Festival of the Trees blog carnival.  You all know how much I love this project, so you can imagine how stoked I am to lend a hand.  We’re looking for volunteers to host! Read an interview by The Nature Blog Network with the Festival of the Trees crew.  The Festival of the Trees is @treebloggers on Twitter and Identica.

Pennwriters 2010

All lovers of literature can find me this spring May 14-16, 2010 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for the Pennwriters Annual Conference: The Writer’s Craft.  To learn more, read this Feature Artist Interview with Conference Coordinator Ayleen Stellhorn.  You can count on seeing me in PA next year too – I’m running for VP this term to support Carol Silvis; she and I are working hard in preparation for 2010-2012.

@JadeBlackwater on Twitter

You can now follow me @JadeBlackwater on Twitter where I tweet about writing and art, ecology and conservation, sustainability and gardening, and everything else that makes me think.  I never thought I’d be a tweep, but I’m already a nerd, so I shouldn’t be that surprised.  To help preserve my time, I typically schedule tweets in advance via HootSuite, and to help preserve my readership I shorten links via  (I also like to poke around #poettues hosted by @robertleebrewer.)

JLB Blogs on the Move

I’ve been tweeting away since January while my blogs Brainripples, AppleJade, and Arboreality appear to languish in neglect.  In fact, I’m preparing to relocate my blogging adventures under one roof at (including a much-needed new web design).  Since I’ve been blogging for five years, it seems like the right time to try on the big girl pants.  Prepare yourself for the next incarnation of my blogs as I shake off the old and don the new.  (Sheesh, how many more metaphors do you think I could have packed into this paragraph?)

Coming Up Next

Show and Tell Friday is beyond over due, and I’ve found so much cool stuff on my Twitter adventures.  I’ll put one together for you soon!  I was also invited for a fun phone interview with Perry Norton of PanRight Productions.  I’d like to share that with you all soon.  Finally, I’ll be selecting at least one poem from my drafts to share here, probably something I love but know I won’t submit.

Monday Morning Muse

January 5, 2009

Jade's Desk - Clean Slate, © Copyright 2009 Jade Leone Blackwater


Greetings folks, and Happy 2009! I don’t know about you, but 2008 was one long, long year for me, and I am pleased to say “good riddance,” “so long, and thanks for all the fish,” “see ya later alligator,” and any other phrases of dismissal and departure, polite and otherwise, which might come to mind.

Barring any new and unexpected changes in plans (which in my life seem to be the norm) you can count on a return to regular blogging on the subjects of writing, art, and creativity here at Brainripples.

First up, I’ll be sharing a little update on my projects and goals, and then I plan to resume some of the regular features starting with Feature Artist Interviews.


May your year be inspired, creative, and productive!

Another month, another muse

September 2, 2008

Greetings from sunny, southern California.  Blogging will be light until the autumn while I travel, but I will be sure to stop in from time to time and share ideas, bits of inspiration, and new opportunities.  Currently I’m looking for open mic nights for poets in the Santa Barbara area… I’ll let you know what I find.

Happy Creating!

Monday Morning Muse

July 14, 2008

Noontime Cloud Moods, June 2008, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

West Coast Inspiration

May 30, 2008

Yellowstone River, April 2008, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Greetings from the Emerald City!  I am settling in to the Pacific Northwest after enjoying a most excellent roadtrip from Philadelphia to Seattle.  I will resume blogging in June with a post frequency of 1 – 2 times per week on each blog: AppleJade, Arboreality, and Brainripples.

At Brainripples we will be sharing methods of creative exploration, successful approaches to working independently, and unique perspectives from featured artists.

At AppleJade we will be discussing healthy, happy lifestyle through attitude, gardening, cooking, and simple, green living.

At Arboreality we will be exploring the woods of Western Washington and other localities within reasonable driving distance.

You will also find me blogging at the Pennwriters Area 6 HQ, a new blog created as a resource for writers living in and around southeastern Pennsylvania.  I will be blogging with other Pennwriters about local news, events, information, and of course – writers!

If you are a writer in the Puget Sound Area (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Kitsap Peninsula, Bellingham) and would like to join my newly forming Seattle Pennwriters Critique Groups, please contact me for more information.

More to follow!

PS – Today’s image of the Yellowstone River in Montana was taken on our road trip at the end of April.  Cold and beautiful!

PPS – Please bear with me as I acclimate to the new WordPress interface, and please let me know when things don’t look *quite right*.

Busy at Brainripples

February 18, 2008

Hi Folks!  I’m off to the woods today – life is busy at Brainripples with many new projects to keep me engaged.  More work means more creativity!  I think it’s been too long since we discussed artistic voice here at the blog, so be on the look out for Part 3.

In the mean time, Artistic Voice links are in the sidebar, and stay tuned: pictures from the forest are sure to make an appearance.