Show and Tell Friday: Interview with Jade Blackwater by Perry Norton

March 19, 2010

In January this year I was interviewed by my friend Perry Norton, owner and voice talent at PanRight Productions.  If you’ll indulge me here today, I’d like to share five minutes from our interview during which I read my poem Forest Song and chat with Perry about my love for poetry.

Click here to download an interview with Jade Blackwater by Perry Norton – MP3 (5.4 MB)

You can read the full text of Forest Song here on Arboreality.

[Note: our interview experiment was conducted via phone conference.  You’ll want to turn the volume up for best results.]

Follow @PanRight on Twitter if you’re interested or engaged in voiceover work, music production, and other audio media.

Next in line at Brainripples: a review of GUD Magazine.


Show and Tell Friday

February 13, 2009

 Awning Icicles, © Copyright 2009 Jade Leone Blackwater

Welcome back to Show and Tell Friday!  I am slowly easing into my blogging routines, which means a return to our regular features here at Brainripples.


Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, © Copyright 2009 Jamie FordToday we’re talking about writers, and to kick off I’d like to share Jamie Ford’s debut novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet which was released just two short weeks ago by Ballantine Books.  I finished reading Hotel today, and have long anticipated the arrival of this book since reading its predecessor “I Am Chinese”, a short story which was first published by the Picolata Review in 2006.

In Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet Ford artfully educates his readers on our not-too-distant past of WWII by telling us an accessible story about the love and friendship of two young Americans from Seattle, Washington. 

I’ll give you a full review another day.  Until then, there’s no reason not to hop on the bus and head to Seattle to pick up your own copy and meet Jamie Ford in person.  To see the rest of the stops on his nationwide booktour, visit


Now I’d like to point you to up-and-coming author and fellow Pennwriters member Ash Krafton.  Last year Krafton’s urban fantasy novel Bleeding Hearts won first prize for science fiction/fantasy novel and overall grand prize in the Maryland Writers Association 2008 Novel Contest.  She is currently marketing the Bleeding Hearts manuscript for publication.

Krafton just started the new Kraftmatic Adjustable Blog.  Be sure to check out her photo tour of Edgar Allen Poe.  I am embarrassed to admit that my announcement here is a bit late to encourage you to participate in the “Quoth the Raven” Poe Exhibition at The Free Library of Philadelphia, which finished today (February 13, 2009).

Also, check out Krafton’s short story Boots on a Branch, included in The Festival of the Trees 28, which celebrates the pursuit of inspiration, entertainment, and life-long youth.  Her poem Line will appear in the May 2009 issue of Numinous: Spiritual Poetry journal.


Next, I’d like to introduce writer Persephone Vandegrift whose work I first encountered while serving as Poetry Judge at Notes & Grace Notes.  Vandegrift writes beautiful poetry and fiction, and is a regular participant and multiple winner at Notes & Grace Notes, which is a new online writing community created by Harmoni McGlothlin.  Be sure to read Vandegrift’s winning poem Adam Paints a Picture; while you’re there take plenty of time to explore the other great writers sharing at Notes & Grace Notes.


Fellow Seattle-area writer Anita Marie Moscoso is still twisting our imaginations with her tales of the macabre at her Owl Creek Bridge.  Moscoso has been generous enough to invite me to share my darker shades of poetry at the Owl Creek Bridge, which most recently includes my poem Dehiscent.  In turn I invite you to join us there to read poetry and stories (such as my current favorite, “Typical Trixie“), and to explore Anita Marie Mosocoso’s hand-picked links to a wealth of writers, artists, and creative resources, which are certain to fire your inspiration.


My newest blog discovery is Mattie’s Pillow.  In fact, it is the author Cindy who happened upon the Brainripples blog and reached out to introduce herself.  Mattie’s Pillow shares a common interest in writing, art, and creativity, and includes extra inspiration from dreams, gardens, and horses, among other things.  Check out her Poetry Challenge 6 – my biggest challenge with this is, with which dream would I like to play today?

The Monongahela Review, Issue 3, © Copyright 2009Finally, as you can see from my previous post I’ve recently had two poems published at The Monongahela Review, an independent literary journal edited by Luke Bartolomeo.  Issue 3 of The Monongahela Review includes a beautiful selection of poetry, fiction, and visual art, so be sure to set aside a little time to wander and enjoy.


I’ll stop for now and save more for the next Show and Tell.  Feel welcome to share your latest goals, discoveries, or accomplishments, and have a wonderful weekend!



Show and Tell Friday

February 8, 2008

Warm Winter Sunrise, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Today’s Show and Tell is brief – I have many writing projects keeping me good and busy!

First, check out Todd Tibbetts’ blog Exit Strategy News: Nuggets for Knowledge Workers where you’ll see a whiteboard that’s at least a busy as mine and enjoy flash backs to the creative boom of the early dotcom era via Todd’s own cartoon art.

Lisa Kastner at Humna Humna shares a listing of Writers Forums for writers in the Philadelphia area for the next few months.  (And remember, if you’re in the Philadelphia area you can join us for our monthly writers’ critique group).

Diane M. Schuller is planning a garden labyrinth at her blog Alberta Postcards, Conspire to Inspire where she invites us to “use what talents you possess” in the words of Henry Van Dyke.

And in other news, the Festival of the Trees will be hosted in March at Orchards Forever.  If you’re looking for a topic to inspire you, here’s what our March host Peg is cooking up:

“I’d like to try and adhere to a theme of fruit trees and orchards… but virtually anything that is even loosely connected to that theme is welcome! Gardening and growing, horticulture, heirloom fruits, food and recipes, environmental and conservation issues, folklore and mythology, travel, what have you!”

Create a post and send your links to amberapple [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog for more information.

For me: back to work!  For you: have an excellent weekend.

Show and Tell Friday

January 18, 2008

Rabbit Tracks, Chester County December 2007, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Greetings everyone!  I’ve been pleasantly busy with new projects, and today I get a chance to catch up on blogging.  It seems as though Show and Tell Friday is long overdue.  Here are a few artists and writers I’ve encountered among my travels:

Etsy Artists

Etsy is an online marketplace for independent artists of handmade goods.  Their mission statement reads: “Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.”

Mission accomplished.  This holiday season I had a chance to purchase through Etsy for the first time, and had a lovely experience.  I was able to connect personally with each creator via the “Conversation” or “Convo” tool which sends instant messages between customer and artist.  I purchased items from the following independent artists:

Designs By Flo

Flo designs jewelry and other small goods, including friendship bracelets!  Like many Etsy artists, she even accepts custom orders (thanks Flo)!

Artemisia Designs

Lupe designs jewelry which positively glows, and she also writes an inviting art blog, Handmade Garden.


Colleen’s work is 100% funky.  She creates jewelry and knick-knacks with genuine retro flare.

Also on Etsy:

Vaeda Baty – Fine Art Photography is a luminescent offering.  Her work emphasizes organic forms, and her compositions possess a soft aura.

Dana Lynn Driscoll and family own the Artistic Journeys Etsy shop.  Dana’s creation The Tree Tarot is a new tarot deck-in-progress which can be seen at the Artistic Journeys blog.  The Driscoll family also makes jewelry, purses, and other crafts.

Eric Keast (whom we’ve interviewed at Brainripples) is his usual busy self, as evidenced by his work on Bingorage.  He has a Bingorage shop on CaféPressCheck out his gorgeous coral earrings (up for auction on Ebay).  Keast has even generously offered a little “Coral Stitch How-To” for others to enjoy!

Writer Updates 

You may recall Francine M. Tolf from previous reviews at Brainripples of the Apple Valley Review.  Tolf wrote the essay Viola Pruessner, and recently published The Summer Before Eighth Grade in the current issue of Toasted Cheese.  And if you can believe it, I still haven’t had a chance to read it!  Take a look and let us know what you think.

I am a member of Pennwriters, a non-profit group for writers based in Pennsylvania.  I think the best part about Pennwriters is meeting different writers: this month I discovered Barbara Purbaugh.  Barbara published an article in the monthly Penn Writer which invited other Pennsylvania poets to get in touch.  Barbara is a member of the Works in Progress Writers’ Workshop which meets the third Thursday of every month, at 6:00 pm at Laurel Arts in Somerset, PA.

In fact, The Works in Progress Writers’ Workshop in Somerset is hosting Poetry Readings on these dates from 7-9pm: Sat, April 12, 2008, Sat., June 7, 2008, Sat., August 2, 2008, Sat., October 4, 2008.

Check out Barbara Purbaugh’s website for more details and upcoming events.


Also: the Philaldelphia area writers’ critique group is meeting regularly at its new location at the Valley Fair Barnes and Noble.  New members are always welcome!  Check out the critique group page here at Brainripples to learn more!


And in other news..


If you’re in the dancing mood, visit Arboreality to view a YouTube video preview of Biome, Capacitor’s newest dance video, shot in Costa Rica’s Monteverdi rainforest.  Capacitor is an interdisciplinary dance company based in San Francisco which works with the scientific community to compose dance.  Biome is positively vibrant!

And finally, here is a handful of literary journal’s I’ve discovered while browsing in recent weeks.  One of my goals this year is to make more time to resume submitting my poetry and creative writing.  I’ll be sure to update you on my progress in the Spring!

One Less – A Literary Arts Magazine 

Philadelphia Stories 

Pregnant Moon Review 

Low Rent Online 

Have a great weekend folks!

Show and Tell Friday – Paintings by Joseph Blake

November 16, 2007

Under, Joseph Blake, (c) Copyright 2007Last night a friend of mine sent me a link to Joseph Blake’s Etsy shop.  She told me that his paintings “are just so warm!

My friend never lies: this morning I spent some time exploring Joseph Blake’s work, and I knew the Brainripples audience would love it too.  According to Blake’s website, he’s been painting since high school.  Blake graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2005, and now – surprise – he’s living and creating right here in Philadelphia!

Joseph Blake and I apparently have something in common: an attraction to trees.  Take some time to explore his art series, and enjoy the warmth of his imagery.  Joseph Blake demonstrates a willingness to don new perspectives for the sake of creativity, and his paintings positively glow with the results.

Are you in the Philadelphia area?  Joseph Blake’s work will be included in the Historic Strawberry Mansion Exhibition of Contemporary and Traditional Works of Art.  For more information call (215) 228-8364 or email strawberrymansion [at] verizon [dot] net.

 Have a great weekend everyone! 

Day Breaker, Joseph Blake, (c) Copyright 2007

Images used by permission.  All images used in this post are copyright © 2007 Joseph Blake.

Show and Tell Friday – Mother Nature tells it like it is

July 13, 2007

Jade Leone Blackwater, Brainripples,, © 2007Welcome back to Show and Tell Friday.  Today’s will be short: Brainripples HQ was washed out this week, so while I mop up, feel free to review previous Show and Tell entries, and other Brainripples features.

Wednesday we had my favorite kind of weather: rain.  Our 100+ year-old cottage at the farm has its share of quirks, including an upstairs window that leaks buckets with a good storm.  This week that rain came through the wall, into the floor, and out the lower-level ceiling, dumping gallons of water smack over all the computer equipment.

There’s nothing like a good minor disaster to shake up your world.  With the house torn up, I’ve spent the last couple days cleaning, writing, sketching, and planning… and going outside as much as possible to get away from the drone of the fans.  I’m also putting together a huge collection for the Purple Heart program and various Freecycle exchanges: a great way to make some mental space is by creating some physical space.  Donate usable items!

You don’t need a minor household crisis to get your creativity flowing and set things in motion: it’s a lot easier to say than to do, but if you’re looking for a way to jostle your inspiration, try to unplug, step away from your other obligations for a few hours, and get out into the open air with a pen and paper.  See what happens, and feel free to come back and share!

Do you have a project on your plate?  Tell us about your latest and greatest in the comments, and share links to your posts.

Show and Tell Friday – Artists around the ‘net

July 6, 2007

For today’s Show and Tell Friday I’d like to share more finds from artists around the interet.

This week I stumbled upon M2ATK, a cooperative among artists across disciplines.  M2ATK features a variety of artistic work, with an emphasis on photography.  If you’re offended by the human body, avoid this site – among the many features is a delicious variety of fine art nude photography from a rainbow of artists.  My only question: where are all the fine art nude photographs of men?  Someone’s got to be taking them!

M2ATK offers a post this week on Pictures that Changed the World, and I am positively smitten by the creativity of the light graffiti.  What’s light graffiti?  You have to see Light Graffiti Part 1 and Part 2 to find out!  I love urban art.

Warren Rice, one of Brainripples’ feature artist interviewees, has recently completed a memorial mural for a young man who was killed in Philadelphia.  The boy’s mother commissioned the work to honor her son’s memory, and it was truly a labor of love.  Stop by and give Warren some feedback!

I can’t remember how I found Erica Wagner, but I really enjoyed her poem Picnic’s Over.  There’s more to read at her site!

Elaine Fasula is another artist I discovered through serendipitous web browsing.  She works with a truly a unique artistic voice!

If you’re a visual artist, you may already be familiar with Illustration Friday.  This week they offer an interview with Gina Triplett.  Gina Triplett and her partner Matt Curtius are creating some really fantastic work right here in Philadelphia!

Karen Syed at Life of a Publisher has posted Part 5 and Part 6 of her Marvelous Marketing Maneuvers series. 


SpyScribbler is trying to title a work.  Swing over to SpyScribbler’s blog and give her a hand with naming her work using Thursday Thirteen – she’s offering a reward!  (For a little inspiration, check out my article this week on titling your work.)


Somehow I ended up with mostly visual artists to feature today.  If you’re a writer – or any kind of artist – please feel welcome to give yourself a little plug in the comments.  Tell us what you’re working on, and share links to your posts.

I regularly add and remove listings from the right-hand side bar here at Brainripples.  If you’re looking for more artistic exploration, be sure to thumb through the links, and let us know what you find.

Have a great weekend everyone!