Monday Morning Muse: National Poetry Month Twitter Wrap-Up from @JadeBlackwater

May 3, 2010

In celebration of National Poetry Month this April I included an assortment of micropoetry @JadeBlackwater on Twitter. Throughout the month I also added the #STpoem hashtag in order to share my poetry with the Seattle Times Twitter Poetry Contest.

Below is a complete reprint of the micropoetry from @JadeBlackwater for April 2010. Line breaks have been restored where ‘ / ‘ was used in the feed.

What I enjoyed most about tweeting micropoetry for NaPoMo was the excuse to share a poetic response to my day. Unlike my usual tweets—which are mostly prepared and scheduled in advance—the poems I tweeted in April were sent as soon as composed. Like all journal entries, these poems each keep a story.


———-7:29 AM Apr 2nd

salamander season

surprise morning snow

safe in the ash white world


———-11:35 PM Apr 6th

cold wheelbarrow

rests in slivered light

beneath watchful moon


———-10:14 AM Apr 8th

Ariolimax columbianus poetess

sentences congeal in sticky opalescence

while she explores the shady sweetness


———-10:25 AM Apr 9th

twitter and flutter at sunrise

pluck juicy jewels from willing boughs

connect puddle to balsam breath


———-10:04 AM Apr 12th

New Moon rain licks the waiting Earth

awakens old dust and fresh oil

whispers sweet darkness in waiting


———-2:55 PM Apr 13th

Crack open the wriggling mass

scoop your brains with a seafood fork

then fling the meat into the fire!


———-9:26 AM Apr 15th

palms open skyward

broadcast gratitude

“cheer-up, cheerily!”


———-2:01 AM Apr 20th

this fine rain

my silver lining

bring me the wet word


———-6:45 PM Apr 20th

visceral papillon inspiration

wing across green seas from distant gold shores

when desperation sings “Hurry, flurry!”


———-1:32 PM Apr 21st

sacred grey showers

answer the hedge call

to-wheeeee! meewww?


———-3:35 PM Apr 22nd

twist your wrists with the Balsam cottonwood

dance in rhythm with Douglas squirrel chatter


———-11:51 AM Apr 23rd

cool garden beckons

branches all whisper

sweet huckleberry perfume


———-9:05 AM Apr 24th

two-stroke engine growls

breathfuls of dust bite the air

cut grass flickers past


———-7:03 AM Apr 26th

full moon approaches

earth groans and ripples

tickled and provoked


———-10:50 AM Apr 27th

Thunderheads hasten

wrap rainy arms ’round the world

squeeze the sparking sky


———-8:03 PM Apr 28th

reassuring shick-shick

of your rake


of presence

*     *     *


Inspiration from the Total Lunar Eclipse

February 21, 2008

Total Lunar Eclipse, February 20, 2008, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Despite my camera’s limitations, I hope that this image of last night’s total lunar eclipse in-progress helps share a little lunar inspiration for those not able to view.  (Remember you can click on pictures to enlarge).  Our evening snow clouds broke just before the eclipse began last night.  We enjoyed the show using binoculars, watching the shadow creep across the moon’s face (I think the expression changes when she glows red).

We’ve discussed symbolism and lunation before at Brainripples.  If you are seeking a little inspiration, consider what this little blink of light might mean for you.  Last night I stayed up and wrote a story.  It’s not the greatest story ever written, but it got me started.  My suggestion for you: if you need a fresh perspective, sacrifice one night of sleep and create.  Spend the evening plying your craft, and see what happens.  If now isn’t convenient, plan ahead for some quality creative time at the next full moon on Friday, March 21, 2008 (just after the Spring Equinox).

Did anyone else have a nice view of the eclipse?  Do you work with lunar movements in your own art?

Autumn reflection

September 26, 2007

Tobyhanna, Poconos, Autumn 2007, Jade Leone Blackwater


Happy Autumn, and Happy Full Moon!  Both being times of great reflection, consider your own if creativity eludes you today.

Brainripples is on Vacation

July 17, 2007

Greetings Folks!  Our weekend’s new moon and the master disaster it heralded is taking me offline for the remainder of the summer.  I’ll check in from time to time, but until then, I look forward to returning in September.  Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I’ll have a few months to cook up all kinds of things to share!



Summer Farm, © 2007 Jade Leone Blackwater



If you’re looking for creative inspiration, artists and their creations, or resources for your work, please enjoy the Brainripples archives, features, and extensive links.  I hope to have a chance to drop a line from time to time, or send you a muse or two.

See you soon, Happy Summer, and Happy Creating!

Remember to look up

July 7, 2007

Moon 3rd quarter Aries, sunrise walk, 7 July 2007

A chance encounter with the moon while on my morning walk today.  Click to enlarge.

Howl at the Capricorn Full Moon

June 29, 2007

Christine Langtree, Full Moon Rise in Capricorn, 2007


Update 07/02/07: Kind thanks to Christine Langtree of Australia for sharing her picture of a tropical Capricorn full moonrise.


Tonight’s Full Moon is in Capricorn, exact at 6:49am PDT, 9:49am EDT, and 2:49pm GMT on Saturday June 30, 2007. (Hey UK, are you on BST yet?  I can never keep the dates straight.)

I know the clouds might not clear up for me to share a picture with you, and I seem to be getting a lot of visitors looking for information about the Capricorn full moon (I’m posting so that you find the 2007 times for the full moon, and not last year’s).

In case it’s not painfully obvious by now, I pay close attention to lunar cycles.  This weekend, I hope you find inspiration wherever you happen to look.  If you’re of a mind to set some fresh goals, you can check out last year’s Goal Setting with the Capricorn Moon.

I’ll be sure to update if I can catch a picture!  Until then… enjoy the swell!  And if you’re looking for more thoughts on the June Moon, visit Kate at Beyond the Fields We Know – she always has lovely muses and meditations to feed the imagination!

Monday Morning Muse

June 4, 2007

Pumpkin plants, June 2007

Full Moon Sagittarius, Jun e 2007