Moving Time: Brainripples Now Lives at

June 1, 2010

The Brainripples blog has moved! Please update your links:


I am excited to announce that the Brainripples blog now has a new, permanent home at

My blogs Brainripples, Arboreality, and AppleJade will all live together under one domain. For those who prefer the original channels, my blog will be simply categorized by Studio, Forest, and Garden respectively. You can read more details here.

All Brainripples content published at will remain as-is for the time being, so that no active links will be broken. In coming months I hope to republish the best content at my own website including interviews, articles, features, and other goodies.

I wish to extend my thanks to the great folks at, without whose free hosted blogging services, friendly support community, and awesome technology, the Brainripples blog could not be possible.



Vegetable creations

December 4, 2007

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie from Fresh Pumpkin, Autumn 2007, © Copyright 2007 Jade Leone Blackwater


You’ve seen the pumpkins, now see the pumpkin pie!  I’ve posted directions and pictures for how to make a pumpkin pie using a fresh garden pumpkin.  Going forward, cooking and garden creations will be featured at the AppleJade blog to make room at Brainripples for more discussion on art, writing, and the creative process.

Project Update

November 27, 2007

AppleJade, (c) Copyright 2007 Jade Leone BlackwaterI am a busy bunny this Autumn, and I thought it might be fun to tell you a little about my project world.

First, I am proud to announce that Dr. Nalini Nadkarni of The Evergreen State College has written a new book, Between Earth and Sky: Our Intimate Connections with Trees.  Between Earth and Sky is due out from the University of California Press in June 2008.

I have had the pleasure of working with Nalini Nadkarni as her research assistant in the preparation of her book.  Between Earth and Sky discusses the many ways in which people connect with trees.  In coming months, I’ll be talking more about her book and her projects.  For now, be sure to take some time to explore the International Canopy Network and the Research Ambassador program to learn more about Nalini’s work.

Second, I am equally proud to announce that I am launching a new project called PassionApple with my friend and business partner Jennifer Rendon.  PassionApple is a portal to healthy, happy living where we will be sharing ideas and resources for health, wellness, and happiness.  Jenn Rendon and I are currently in the brainstorming phase of our project, and we’ll begin with the PassionApple blog in Spring 2008.

Green Sweet Pepper, October 2007, (c) Copyright 2007 Jade Leone BlackwaterAs a part of the PassionApple project, I have launched a new blog called AppleJade (because, you know, two blogs just aren’t enough).  AppleJade is my place to discuss natural health and wellness via gardening, cooking, nutrition, goal setting, and attitude.  Regular readers at Brainripples know how much I value goal setting, and the Monday Morning Muses tend to give away my love of the garden.  I hope you’ll visit and tell me what you think!

Ongoing, I am still blogging at Arboreality about trees and forests, and I will be volunteering to host the Festival of the Trees again in 2008.  At the moment, I’m researching places online where I can put my photography prints up for sale.  If you are an artist/photographer who does this already, I hope you’ll share some thoughts on your experiences and any tools/websites you might recommend.

And of course, I am still writing poetry, sketching, snapping photos, and perpetually creating new projects with which to load up my proverbial plate.  In 2008, the Brainripples blog will continue to showcase independent artists, discuss artistic process, and explore creative inspiration.  You can always learn more about my work at the Brainripples business site.

Is there something you would like to see at Brainripples?  Leave me a comment, or send me an email.  Because, you know, I have loads of free time! (ha ha, hee hee).

Ok, now it’s your turn.  In the comments or via email, let us know what you’re working on, and where we can read all about it at your blog.  The next Show and Tell Friday will feature a collection of projects from your artistic worlds.