Morrison’s Pillow – A Short Story – Part 1 of 3

Greetings!  I’ve spent the past two weeks writing the following story for Halloween.  When I first outlined this idea I was sure that the story would only be about five pages tops.  Since I ended up just shy of 50 pages, I’ll be sharing Morrison’s Pillow with you in three parts, read aloud by yours truly, Jade Leone Blackwater.

This story is rated “OK” for all ages with a note to the strange, spooky, and possibly disturbing imagery and situations described therein.  I recorded this story using Audacity.  The recording of Part 1 lasts about 35 minutes, and the (.mp3) file is about 32 MB in size (so it probably won’t stream well unless you’re on some awesome high speed internet connection).

Special thanks to Cle for sparking my inspiration after commenting on Anita Marie Moscoso’s story “Bentley the Bone Picker.”  So sorry Cle… but once you said it, I just couldn’t leave the pillow alone.


(Notes: This story is cross-posted at the Soul Food Café “Once Upon A Midnight” Halloween blog.  If you are among the deaf readers in the audience and would like to read the story, please email Jade Leone Blackwater to request a (.pdf) copy of the text of Morrison’s Pillow.)

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

*     *     *


Morrison’s Pillow

~  Part 1  ~

CLICK HERE to Download an Audio Recording (.mp3) of PART 1 of MORRISONS PILLOW by Jade Leone Blackwater

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