Brainripples Returns in June

Window of Opportunity, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

I am returning to Seattle this May, and Brainripples will be on vacation until June 1, 2008 while I pack and travel.

Once I am settled in Seattle I’ll be able to share some of my latest work, my new goals to connect with other writers in Seattle, and of course all our favorites: Monday Morning Muses, Feature Artist Interviews, Show-and-Tell Fridays, and discussions about the act of creating, and the business of working independently.  Until then, I wish you a productive, creative season.

See you in June!


3 Responses to Brainripples Returns in June

  1. joanna says:

    Wow! Welcome back! I’m in the process of moving from the island back to Bellingham. We might even be able to meet in person once you’re back in the NW. Blessings on your move.

  2. JLB says:

    Oh most definitely Joanna – I was already cooking up an excuse to visit B’ham and catch you for coffee (tea?). Best wishes to you in your transition from Island to Mainland – no matter how much work they require, I love big moves. It’s good to shake things up.

    Good thoughts to you Joanna!


  3. Anita Marie says:

    Hi Jade!
    Keep In Touch
    Anita Marie

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