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Pennwriters, Inc. © Copyright 2008 Pennwriters, Inc.Writing can be a naturally independent and solitary profession.  Even as hobbyists, writers often create their material alone.  Professionals navigate potential writing markets using their own will, initiative, and creativity.

If you are a writer seeking a support, guidance, and networking opportunities, Pennwriters is the organization for you.  Pennwriters’ current goals are as follows:

– Promote excellence in writing;

– Help aspiring authors learn how to become published via traditional, professional venues;

– Advance the careers of published writers;

– Facilitate professional networking between members and representatives of the traditional publishing industry;

– Act as a liaison between authors and booksellers.

Membership is open to all writers at all levels – you do not have to live in Pennsylvania to be a member of Pennwriters.  The Pennwriters organization offers workshops, critique groups, contests, industry news, networking opportunities, and an annual Writers Conference held in a different location in Pennsylvania each year.

I am the new Pennwriters Area 6 Representative which means I work with members in southeastern part of Pennsylvania.  Brainripples readers are familiar with my writing critique group in the Philadelphia Area.  Now that I’m a Rep, I’ll be coordinating workshops, critique groups, and other activities throughout the region.  You’ll hear all about writing activities in my area right here at the Brainripples blog.  Please feel welcome to join us any time!

In May 2008 you will find me in attendance at the Pennwriters Annual Conference, this year hosted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at The Host Resort.  I’ll be blogging about the conference in more detail soon.  You do not have to be a Pennwriters member to attend our conference.  To learn more and register, visit the Pennwriters website.

PS – Our Philadelphia Writers’ Critique Group meeting is tonight!  Check out the Critique Group page for details, and if you’re in or around Philly, come join us!


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  1. You know it’s posts like this that can definitely spur people on to grasp the path of writing. I found this article to be pretty informative. I will be coming back here for more reading as I really enjoyed this!

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