Inspiration from the Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse, February 20, 2008, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Despite my camera’s limitations, I hope that this image of last night’s total lunar eclipse in-progress helps share a little lunar inspiration for those not able to view.  (Remember you can click on pictures to enlarge).  Our evening snow clouds broke just before the eclipse began last night.  We enjoyed the show using binoculars, watching the shadow creep across the moon’s face (I think the expression changes when she glows red).

We’ve discussed symbolism and lunation before at Brainripples.  If you are seeking a little inspiration, consider what this little blink of light might mean for you.  Last night I stayed up and wrote a story.  It’s not the greatest story ever written, but it got me started.  My suggestion for you: if you need a fresh perspective, sacrifice one night of sleep and create.  Spend the evening plying your craft, and see what happens.  If now isn’t convenient, plan ahead for some quality creative time at the next full moon on Friday, March 21, 2008 (just after the Spring Equinox).

Did anyone else have a nice view of the eclipse?  Do you work with lunar movements in your own art?


One Response to Inspiration from the Total Lunar Eclipse

  1. barbara says:

    I was likewise inspired and wrote a poem about the trinity – the eclipsed moon, Regulus of Leo and Saturn and her rings – all in close proximity. What a writing prompt that was.

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