Show and Tell Friday

Warm Winter Sunrise, © Copyright 2008 Jade Leone Blackwater

Today’s Show and Tell is brief – I have many writing projects keeping me good and busy!

First, check out Todd Tibbetts’ blog Exit Strategy News: Nuggets for Knowledge Workers where you’ll see a whiteboard that’s at least a busy as mine and enjoy flash backs to the creative boom of the early dotcom era via Todd’s own cartoon art.

Lisa Kastner at Humna Humna shares a listing of Writers Forums for writers in the Philadelphia area for the next few months.  (And remember, if you’re in the Philadelphia area you can join us for our monthly writers’ critique group).

Diane M. Schuller is planning a garden labyrinth at her blog Alberta Postcards, Conspire to Inspire where she invites us to “use what talents you possess” in the words of Henry Van Dyke.

And in other news, the Festival of the Trees will be hosted in March at Orchards Forever.  If you’re looking for a topic to inspire you, here’s what our March host Peg is cooking up:

“I’d like to try and adhere to a theme of fruit trees and orchards… but virtually anything that is even loosely connected to that theme is welcome! Gardening and growing, horticulture, heirloom fruits, food and recipes, environmental and conservation issues, folklore and mythology, travel, what have you!”

Create a post and send your links to amberapple [at] gmail [dot] com or visit the Festival of the Trees coordinating blog for more information.

For me: back to work!  For you: have an excellent weekend.


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