Monday Morning Muse

Fast Clouds, (c) Copyright 2007 Jade Leone Blackwater


5 Responses to Monday Morning Muse

  1. lotus says:

    Great photos and info…thanks… :)L

  2. JLB says:

    Lotus, glad you stopped by, and thanks! 🙂

  3. Great photo, for some reason, brought Vincent Van Gogh to mind, so many of his paintings hightlighted blue, blue skies!

    Have a great day! G 🙂

  4. spyscribbler says:

    That reminds me of some old, wooden farmhouses I used to know. I love those kind of houses!

  5. JLB says:

    Geraldine, I take it as a compliment that something I’ve shared might remind you of Van Gogh’s work. Talk about paintings you can walk around in (or fly…). 😉

    SpyScribbler, despite its drafts and quirks, it is pretty cool to live in this little farm cottage! I should share more pictures of the architecture – they just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

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