Remember to look up

Moon 3rd quarter Aries, sunrise walk, 7 July 2007

A chance encounter with the moon while on my morning walk today.  Click to enlarge.


7 Responses to Remember to look up

  1. What a cool scene that would have been to witness, thanks for posting.

  2. JLB says:

    Bernie, it was a wonderful surprise – I actually didn’t see the birds coming… they just crossed my view as the shutter snapped. Gotta love serendipity. Thanks for visiting – stop by any time. Your photography is outstanding!

  3. onipar says:

    I love when I can see the moon during the day.

  4. Angelique says:

    The sight of the moon during daylight hours reminds me of all the times my son would say with amazement while we were traveling to the gym or walking outside, “LOOK! The moon!” as if it were the most incredible thing ever.

    * sigh *

    If my husband didn’t love sports so much, I’d disconnect our TV cable immediately and use our windows and backyard as the only “television screens”.

    Thanks, as always, for the post, JLB. Love the way you look at the world!

    Angelique, aka “The Reminiscer”

  5. daisies says:

    wow ~ so incredibly beautiful!!

  6. JLB says:

    Oni, ditto. The moon is great company. 🙂

    Angelique, I still look at the moon like it’s the most incredible thing ever! I recommend walks at dusk and dawn – you don’t have to get rid of the tv…. just turn it off once in a while. 😉

    Daisies, thank you!

  7. jason evans says:

    I love that the birds just crossed the frame! Those photographic accidents are a blast.

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