Show and Tell Friday – Artists around the ‘net

For today’s Show and Tell Friday I’d like to share more finds from artists around the interet.

This week I stumbled upon M2ATK, a cooperative among artists across disciplines.  M2ATK features a variety of artistic work, with an emphasis on photography.  If you’re offended by the human body, avoid this site – among the many features is a delicious variety of fine art nude photography from a rainbow of artists.  My only question: where are all the fine art nude photographs of men?  Someone’s got to be taking them!

M2ATK offers a post this week on Pictures that Changed the World, and I am positively smitten by the creativity of the light graffiti.  What’s light graffiti?  You have to see Light Graffiti Part 1 and Part 2 to find out!  I love urban art.

Warren Rice, one of Brainripples’ feature artist interviewees, has recently completed a memorial mural for a young man who was killed in Philadelphia.  The boy’s mother commissioned the work to honor her son’s memory, and it was truly a labor of love.  Stop by and give Warren some feedback!

I can’t remember how I found Erica Wagner, but I really enjoyed her poem Picnic’s Over.  There’s more to read at her site!

Elaine Fasula is another artist I discovered through serendipitous web browsing.  She works with a truly a unique artistic voice!

If you’re a visual artist, you may already be familiar with Illustration Friday.  This week they offer an interview with Gina Triplett.  Gina Triplett and her partner Matt Curtius are creating some really fantastic work right here in Philadelphia!

Karen Syed at Life of a Publisher has posted Part 5 and Part 6 of her Marvelous Marketing Maneuvers series. 


SpyScribbler is trying to title a work.  Swing over to SpyScribbler’s blog and give her a hand with naming her work using Thursday Thirteen – she’s offering a reward!  (For a little inspiration, check out my article this week on titling your work.)


Somehow I ended up with mostly visual artists to feature today.  If you’re a writer – or any kind of artist – please feel welcome to give yourself a little plug in the comments.  Tell us what you’re working on, and share links to your posts.

I regularly add and remove listings from the right-hand side bar here at Brainripples.  If you’re looking for more artistic exploration, be sure to thumb through the links, and let us know what you find.

Have a great weekend everyone!


8 Responses to Show and Tell Friday – Artists around the ‘net

  1. jason evans says:

    That’s a wonderful collection, Jade. Now I just need more time to explore them!

  2. jason evans says:

    BTW, that light graffiti is cool. I’ve done some light painting

  3. jason evans says:

    (Dang I hit the button too soon)

    I meant to say that I’ve done some light painting in photographs, like my image for the Flashlight Tag short story series I did a while back. It’s a fun technique. You never know how it will turn out.

  4. JLB says:

    Jason, glad you enjoyed today’s selections. Isn’t that light graffiti the greatest? I’ve never tried anything like that before, short of twirling sparklers in the night air!

  5. onipar says:

    I also enjoyed the light graffiti. Though I’d have to say my favorite is the one with the blood. Although ankle shackles is a close second.

  6. JLB says:

    Oni, I liked the bloody image too – it’s always refreshing to see something a little different.

  7. spyscribbler says:

    Thanks! You know, that’s like three of your blog entries I’ve got in my “save forever” file. I love the title entry! (And artistic voice, too!)

  8. JLB says:

    SpyScribbler, thanks so much Spy – I am absolutely thrilled if my ideas are helpful in your art. Best of luck naming your latest!

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