Show and Tell Friday – What’s new with you

For today’s Show and Tell Friday, I’d like to turn the spotlight out on the crowd, and feature some of your latest and greatest.  Below is a small selection of projects and ideas that our fellow artists are cooking up.  I’m a busy woman and there are thousands of bloggers, so if I didn’t find you, please leave us a comment with a link to your blog post(s) with current projects and accomplishments!

Arbitrary (a.k.a Stinkycheeseman, a.k.a Misanthrope, et al) has recently created the new blog Arbitrary or Subjective.  This week he helped me answer a question that always seems to percolate up to the front of my brain when I visit my local pizzeria: “what the heck is Stromboli?”  Arbitrary tells all in his successful Stromboli post.

Jamie Ford’s manuscript is complete, but alas – his title is not!  Stop by and share a few words of encouragement.

Jenny at the Crescent at Midnight has completed her “Butterfly Garden” quilt.  It rocks!  How I envy our talented seamstresses of the world… (Me, I’m overjoyed when I manage to sew straight curtains.)  Jenny’s also got a killer garden growing which you can read about at her garden blog Seeded.

Joanna Powell Colbert finished her fives of the Minor Arcana still in progress for the Gaian Tarot.  Take a look, tell us what you see!

At The Clarity of Night, Jason Evans has finished Part 1 and Part 2 of Westinghoused, “a fictionalized version of true events in history.”

SpyScribbler has tried drafting, doubting, and ditching some beginnings, and now is trying the softer approach: reuse, repair, recycle.  Hop over and share your thoughts on what makes a strong story beginning.


I’m all atwitter for Ladybug’s photography shared at Ladybug’s Leaf.  Do you like daisies as much as I do?

And as for me, I’m plowing through research on a project that I’m just bursting to tell you about, my garden has a real shot at world domination (especially with the pumpkins at the helm), and I’m plucking my way through poetry drafts in my non-existent spare time.  On my list of goals for tonight’s/tomorrow morning’s full moon in Capricorn: make time in July for drawing and painting.

What’s new in your project world?  Don’t be shy – show and tell!


5 Responses to Show and Tell Friday – What’s new with you

  1. Ester says:

    working on a realist portfolio, focusing on classical drawing skills. Lots of shift of focus back to master works and beautiful sculpture pieces. Hoping to submit the new portfolio to the Grand Central Academy for acceptance in a few months…wish me luck!

  2. JLB says:

    LanceKennedy, thank you, and welcome! Your blog certainly provides food for thought.

    Ester, rounding out to be a busy summer, eh? Best of luck with the Grand Central Academy application – I’m a huge fan of your work, so you can know I’ll be rootin’ for you.

  3. jason evans says:

    Thanks for the mention, Jade!

  4. JLB says:

    Jason, you bet dude.

  5. […] Last Friday I mentioned that Jamie Ford has recently completed his novel, and is currently wrestling with the sticky task of renaming his work.  For Jamie, “The Panama Hotel” served as the working title for his novel, but now it’s time to give his baby a real name.  He cites previous literary works in his blog post as examples of how a title might make or break a work, which begs the Shakespearean question, “What’s in a title?”  “Would a book by any other name hit The Classics shelf?” […]

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