Howl at the Capricorn Full Moon

Christine Langtree, Full Moon Rise in Capricorn, 2007


Update 07/02/07: Kind thanks to Christine Langtree of Australia for sharing her picture of a tropical Capricorn full moonrise.


Tonight’s Full Moon is in Capricorn, exact at 6:49am PDT, 9:49am EDT, and 2:49pm GMT on Saturday June 30, 2007. (Hey UK, are you on BST yet?  I can never keep the dates straight.)

I know the clouds might not clear up for me to share a picture with you, and I seem to be getting a lot of visitors looking for information about the Capricorn full moon (I’m posting so that you find the 2007 times for the full moon, and not last year’s).

In case it’s not painfully obvious by now, I pay close attention to lunar cycles.  This weekend, I hope you find inspiration wherever you happen to look.  If you’re of a mind to set some fresh goals, you can check out last year’s Goal Setting with the Capricorn Moon.

I’ll be sure to update if I can catch a picture!  Until then… enjoy the swell!  And if you’re looking for more thoughts on the June Moon, visit Kate at Beyond the Fields We Know – she always has lovely muses and meditations to feed the imagination!


5 Responses to Howl at the Capricorn Full Moon

  1. Angelique says:

    How incredibly ironic! I just posted a tongue-in-cheek weekly horoscope for writers this morning on my blog. : )

    I love astrology. I’m a Sag, but have Capricorn in many of my houses (if I remember correctly.) Of course, I don’t know what that means exactly, but it’s interesting to know!

  2. JLB says:

    Angelique, great scopes, by the way. I think I’ll take your advice and indulge a vice or two (Scorp here). Hope you enjoyed the full moon!

  3. jason evans says:

    Since I’m Capricorn, I assume this event is meaningful for me.

  4. JLB says:

    Jason, being a Scorpio myself, I often find that the Scorpio full moon in May can really throw me for a loop each year… but I asked a fellow Capricorn if he experienced the same with the Cap full moon in the summer, and he said he’d never noticed the pattern… If you find that this full moon was significant to you, perhaps you’ll let us know? Regardless, I think full moons pull on all of us, regardless of our sun sign. 😉

  5. Angelique says:


    Thanks for your comment on my blog – a Scorpio, huh? Hmmmm… ! Being a Sag, I’m supposed to have trouble getting along with most true Scorpio personalities, but I find myself drawn to their intensity. And I think that most of them have a very soft, sensitive side. You just have to be open to finding it. : )


    Feel free to stop by my silly page and see what your week has in store! (By the way, LOVE your blog! I just stumbled upon it and it’s fabulous!)

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