Wednesday morning update: Let’s keep it going.  Renga is still open – join us!

Renga is a form of Japanese linked poetry, a series of stanzas typically composed in concert by multiple authors.  Jacqueline Pearce at Wild Ink gives a great description of the evolution of haiku from its recreational renga origins.  

Jacqueline mentions that “[h]aiku traditionally begins with a seasonal reference.”  In this week’s Monday Morning Muse, I shared a small bit of haiku to accompany our image of summer morning rain.

For fun, let’s try some renga here at Brainripples today.  Add your own haiku stanza in the comments, building on the imagery provided in the stanza preceding yours.  Participate as many times as you like!  If it helps, revisit the Monday Morning Muse for additional inspiration.

If this doesn’t slake your appetite for haiku, swing by Joe Felso’s blog Ruminations.  He’s on hiatus until next week, which provides us with a great opportunity to read back over some of his recent work, such as Haiku Sonnet: 17 Year Cicadas.


Heading to the library?  Look for Japanese Linked Poetry: An Account with Translations of Renga and Haikai Sequences by Earl Miner (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1979).  I especially enjoy the “Three Poets at Minase” segment.  Miner thoroughly explores the symbolism codified within renga.


Let’s get started.  Below I’ve included yesterday’s stanza, followed by my contribution for this morning:


Rain applauds the sun
rising angrily alone
while thunder grumbles.

Beneath mulberry
umbrellas, rabbits listen,
nibble, listen, run

(Ok… your turn!)


9 Responses to Renga

  1. spyscribbler says:

    How can I add? I love the rhythm of “nibble, listen, run.”

    Run from thunder, run!
    Lightning blazing, where to hide?
    The harsh noise sees all.

    (Yikes. Need more practice!)

  2. Thanks for connecting to Wildink. What a great idea to host a virtual “game” of renga. We had a storm here this past weekend, too. Lucky for the rabbits, the storm doesn’t chase, but wanders on:

    as the storm withdraws
    noses lift to smell the air
    a rainbow awakes

  3. JLB says:

    Spy – excellent!
    Jacqueline – my pleasure, so glad you joined in the fun!

    and I’ll add:

    Fox breathes patiently;
    unwitting breakfast beckons
    a shadow, a tail

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  5. onipar says:

    I like this idea. I’m not much of a poet, but I can’t help but play.

    Shining crystal orb
    runs slowly over new green
    the leaf is now dry

  6. Bernita says:

    Irridescent fall
    Of drops splash open flowers
    Of white, purple, gold.

  7. Angelique says:

    Okay… I’m hooked… I blogged recently about how much I’ve come to love haiku, and this is even better. Forgive my inexperience with this exquisite style of poetry!

    Chocolate fox
    Dances, pounces, feasts
    A robin bathes.

  8. JLB says:

    Pumpkin hill churches
    ensconce waking worms in squash.
    Robin’s eyes flash. Flight.

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