Monday Morning Muse

Young Swallowtail on Pumpkin Hills


This is a brand-new butterfly who came by to dry her/his wings on the pumpkin hills (which are nice and warm).  I believe it’s some type of Tiger swallowtail, but I’m unsure of the exact species.


5 Responses to Monday Morning Muse

  1. Anita Marie says:

    I love bugs…
    even the pretty ones.

  2. spyscribbler says:

    Awww … I hardly ever see butterflies around here. I saw one a few weeks ago, but someone had stepped on it, poor thing! It had a broken wing. It broke my heart!

  3. JLB says:

    Anita Marie, summers are the greatest for bugs – I love to leave the porch light on just to see who shows up. Some of the coolest discoveries for me after moving from Seattle to Philly were the bugs: katydids, cicadas, and of course – lightning bugs!

    SpyScribbler, I’m fortunate to have a bit of farm and forest around to bring in the butterflies to my garden, but “butterfly gardening” is actually quite easy and loads of fun. A lot of hearty, easy-to-grow flowers attract butterflies. Throw in a little water and a few logs to hide under in the rain, and you’ll be sure to attract a bunch. By the way – my lettuce seeds didn’t germinate… I guess it was just too warm! Everything else did though… perhaps I’ll post some cold frame pictures!

  4. Anita Marie says:

    I saw Lightning Bugs for the first time when I was in Iowa about 6 years ago.
    I wish we had them around here- not that our own bugs aren’t interesting…they just don’t look like Science Experiments run wild


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