Show and Tell Friday – Poetry Selections

I’d like to share a piece of my poetry with you.  Feedback, constructive criticism, and responses/interpretations of this work are all welcome and encouraged.


*     *     *


Singing of the Spheres



Your golden roar awakens me

amid rattling windows

and rustling blinds;

the cold sill

on my hard elbow,

speaks of silver-backed midnight-birds

who soar ever-eastward to capture the dawn.


In the dark of the theatre,

I reach to you,

watch the aisle-lights twinkle

amid chiaroscuro projections;

these are not wishes or dreamers on a screen,

but mere dew drops

cast upon the blanket of night.


Beneath a cold chandelier she watches us.

Every vice is a flavor tickling her stony tongue,

with each devotion and incantation,

she tosses her head of fiery tresses

from side to side – a beaded curtain hung about

the door of heaven –

sprinkling sunlight across verdant unknowns.

© 2007 Jade Leone Blackwater

… and tell:

I wrote Singing of the Spheres in the summer of 2005.  The first draft was written just before dawn, which undoubtedly influenced the star and light/shadow imagery that I enjoyed while writing this piece.

Please feel welcome to ask questions or share comments – feedback helps me grow.

Thank you for reading!

*     *      *

Please respect my work.  Do not reproduce, reprint, or otherwise use Brainripples material without first receiving permission from Jade L. Blackwater.


[To request permission to reprint, or to learn more about my work, please contact me directly at jadeblackwater [at] brainripples [dot] com, or visit the Brainripples business site for more information.]


9 Responses to Show and Tell Friday – Poetry Selections

  1. Angela says:

    I want to hold a brush and illustrate it! Very inspiring…

  2. JLB says:

    Angela, thank you, and feel free to do so, I really admire your work. 🙂

  3. Bernita says:

    I think it an excellent piece – except for the title.

  4. JLB says:

    Do tell – what rubs you wrong about the title? (and thanks for your impressions Bernita!)

  5. Anita Marie says:

    Sometimes when I look at a painting or a picture on a desk or at an illustration in a magazine I can hear music- sometimes it’s bits of rock songs or orchestra pieces and at times just silly jingles. It’s not a background thing- it’s pretty loud.

    Don’t know what causes it but it’s usually some sort of visual cue that sets it off.

    And sometimes when I read something the same thing happens but not as often.

    Your poem did that, so I’m saying that the old brain enjoyed it.

  6. JLB says:

    Anita Marie, many thanks – I’m pleased to hear that it grooves for you!

  7. Bernita says:

    The “Music of the Spheres” is such a cliche, and I personally don’t feel that “Singing” removes from it.
    The poem itself is original and lovely.

  8. JLB says:

    Many thanks again for your feedback Bernita – I really appreciate it!

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