Monday Morning Muse

Eye in the Sky, Bremerton-Seattle Ferry

Looking for more inspiration this morning?  Check out The Land of the Fae over at Arboreality!  (And remember you can click on images to enlarge).


10 Responses to Monday Morning Muse

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Jade this picture makes me want to jump on a boat and sail around the Sound all day- which isn’t a bad idea but I have to get to work.

    Your Muse is working over time here!


  2. JLB says:

    Anita Marie, so glad you enjoy it! I used to commute from Bremerton to Seattle and back every day when I worked downtown. Despite the craziness of ferry commuters, I always cherished my early mornings and late nights on top of the ferry. It didn’t matter how cold it was – I just had to be up there – there is so much to see. 🙂 It was fun to just be a tourista on the ferry for once, and take pictures of the Space Needle like everyone else!

  3. Ester says:

    such a beautiful photo!

  4. JLB says:

    Thanks Ester!

  5. Anita Marie says:

    Hi Jade
    I actually do tourist things for fun during the Summer.
    Like I go on the Duck Tour and I take the Seattle Underground Tours, The Haunted Seattle Tours- you name it.

    Plus I hang out a lot at the Curiousity Shoppe.

    It’s just fun to hear stories about your home- sometimes we get so busy we let all that fun stuff slide by.

    Plus everytime I go I learn something new- so it’s your basic win-win situation

  6. Bernita says:

    Looks like an eye-in-the-sky in this photo!

  7. jason evans says:

    I thought the same thing as Bernita. Such a striking shape to that cloud!

  8. JLB says:

    Bernita and Jason, I certainly had to wonder about just who was watching me! 😉

  9. poetry69 says:

    The moon is gone.

    She fled as dawn approached.

    Dawn as a slowly opening eye.

    White sea birds skimming over the water,

    looking for an early morning snack.

    The mirror brightens.

    From a blood moon at dawn to a mirror

    reflecting waking life…


    I woke her to take the moon.

    Her campaign was swift and terrible.

    Metallic and fierce.

    Glaring up in the twilight.

    But the moon was both implacable and unreachable

    and in the end the war against the moon failed.

    As dawn rose slowly from her bed, the moon slipped away.

    But in the end, all that was lost,

    was a little sleep….

  10. JLB says:

    Poetry 69, thank you so much for sharing your musings! I especially love the final thoughts…

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