On symbolism and lunation

Moon Waxing in TaurusIn case you weren’t aware, we have all been riding the waves of the full moon, which was full in Virgo the evening of Saturday March 3, 2007.  As if that were not enough to get us all stirred up, the moon also enjoyed a total lunar eclipse that same night.

Astrologers associate many common themes with eclipse events.

Eric Francis of Planet Waves wrote this regarding the total lunar eclipse in May 2004:

“In understanding the symbolism of a lunar eclipse, think of it this way. Because the Full Moon disappears, it’s a New Moon at the exact moment of the Full Moon. It’s as though a month of experience is packed into two hours of real time. In computer terms, it’s a full restart of the system.”

Full moons and eclipses alike have the power to shake things up.  Astrologers interpret the symbolism of astrological events and alignments in order to understand more about the world.  Regardless of whether or not you put much stock in astrology, if you’re an artist, then you have some sense of the tools of symbolism and divination as they apply to your craft.

As artists, we are in the business of abstraction, translation, and creation.  Symbolism allows us to combine, create, and revise languages, accessing subtle archetypes in human consciousness along with active symbols visible in every day life.

How do you read the symbolism of a full moon and its total eclipse?  How did the weekend’s lunar spectacular jostle your world?


If you are looking for more thoughts on astrology and lunar cycles, I recommend you check out Jonathan Cainer and MoonCircles.


Side note: In case you were wondering, the image in today’s post is of the moon waxing in Taurus on February 23, 2007.  I had trouble photographing the full moon, so I thought I’d show you how it looked a few days previous.


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