Monday Morning Muse


4 Responses to Monday Morning Muse

  1. ggwfung says:

    ugh, from that angle, it looks like someone could be set for a stumble.

    lovely ochre colors.


  2. Anita Marie says:

    Hi Jade!

    My Great Grandmother had a set of stairs like this in her house…they were a challange and I remember the younger children and the older folks in our family were told not to use them.

    So of course guess where I use to hide?


  3. JLB says:

    ggwfung, it’s a pretty steep staircase from any angle 😉

    Bernita, with all the funky hardware, architecture, and woodwork in this house, I think I’m going to have a lot of fun using the sepia tones photographing the cottage.

    Anita Marie, you know I’d be right there too! The staircase may be steep, but it has so much character! The unique eccentricities of this house are a huge part of its charm. 🙂

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