New crafting and knitting blog online

If you like to sew and craft, you’re certain to enjoy Jenny’s new blog, Crescent at Midnight, a blog for discussing all manner of crafts.

Jenny likes to quilt, knit, and spin, and she’s learning more about sewing.  She includes clear pictures and project descriptions, which makes it easy to understand what she’s doing, what materials she is working with, and what her progress and results look like.

Sewing isn’t my strong suit, and I have yet to learn to knit, weave, or spin, but it’s so much fun to see Jenny’s projects come together!  Stop by and see what she’s up to.


2 Responses to New crafting and knitting blog online

  1. spyscribbler says:

    Knitting is SO relaxing. I love it. I put the needles in my hand, and it feels like this warm relaxation just melts my whole body. (Horrid description, sorry.) But it’s wonderful. I think I need some needle time, LOL!

  2. JLB says:

    Spyscribbler, I have always been so jealous of those who know how to knit – especially when I fly. I’m not an especially good flier, and I always envy those folks with their yarn and needles, calmly knitting their way through hours of air travel!

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