Debut a debut!

Debut a Debut - Writing Aspriations

I just learned about this new online project yesterday: “Debut a debut!” is a contest being offered by Erica of the Writing Aspirations blog and Susan of the West of Mars blog.

What is Debut a debut?

In response to the ever increasing challenges emerging authors face in making a name (and a sale), Susan and Erica are striving to inspire a little camaraderie and support among authors by encouraging them to debut one another, featuring the new work of an emerging author.

The basics from Writing Aspirations:

During the week of 12 Feb through 17 Feb, read a book written by a debut author and post your review by 17 February. Send Susan or Erica the permalink to your review and you will be entered in a drawing for some great prizes.”

Susan: susanWestofMars [at] gmail [dot] com

Erica: rashenbo [at] gmail [dot] com

Be sure to take the time to review all the rules and specifics over at Writing aspirations in their post Contest Time : Debut a Debut.

Details for the contest, including the authors, books, and prizes, are also available at Susan’s West of Mars website.

While I can’t guarantee that Brainripples will be a participant, you never know when I’ll wiggle a little room into my day to read a new book, and share my thoughts.

I encourage you to join in the fun, and let us know about your review here at Brainripples too so we can all hop over and see what you’ve discovered!

If you’re looking for a place to start, Writing Aspirations has posted a list of suggested authors to help get you rolling.

Finally, if you yourself are a debut author, or know of a debut author’s work you admire, be sure to contact Erica or Susan (email addresses above) to help them grow their list.

For those feeling generous and philanthropic, donations to add to their table of prizes are welcome too!

Good luck, and have fun everyone!


3 Responses to Debut a debut!

  1. Hey, thanks for helping us spread the word!

    You might want to note that the same list of authors, books, and prizes is up at my website — West of Mars for easy access, with no scrolling to find the fresh post. I’ll hopefully be adding links to the book titles for ease of purchase, too, if I can make the time.

    Hope you do enter; your site’s interesting and I bet your entry will be, also.

  2. JLB says:

    Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by, and for the tip – I’ve updated my post to direct people to West of Mars as well. I DO hope that I can find the time to participate! Who can resist the opportunity to read something new?


  3. Rashenbo says:

    Thank you very much for spreading the word! 🙂

    There’s always time to read… right? Well, I keep telling myself that as my “to read” list just keeps growing and growing!

    Happy Friday. You’ve got some great interviews here so I’m going to have to come back!

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