January Writers’ Critique Group Meeting Tomorrow Night

Greetings Folks! 

This is a reminder to those in the Philadelphia area that our monthly writers’ critique group meeting will take place this Wednesday, January 3rd, 2006 at the Springfield Borders Bookstore. 

For more details, check out the Critique Group page here at Brainripples, or email me at: jadeblackwater [at] brainripples [dot] com. 

See you there!


UPDATE 3:00pm EST: We have cancelled tonight’s meeting as it does not work for the majority of our members.  See you all next month, on Wednesday February 7th.


4 Responses to January Writers’ Critique Group Meeting Tomorrow Night

  1. jason evans says:

    Have I told you before that this is tempting? 🙂

  2. JLB says:

    Indeed! And you are always welcome!

  3. Tony Rapino says:

    Darn it. I wish I lived closer to Philly. I’ve been wanting to get a crit group together around me, but I keep sticking to the online groups.

  4. JLB says:

    Tony, this being my first critique group experience, I must say that it’s really a great experience, and definitely worth the time. If you aren’t near Philly but want to find a local group, you can check out Pennwriters, go to the members page, and click on the area you live in to find the area representative. Contact your local area representative to learn more about critique groups in your area.

    I can’t speak for the other critique groups, but we generally let new members join us for a few sessions to “try it on” before asking that they join Pennwriters.

    Of course, you don’t need Pennwriters to start your own critique group! 😉

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