More news for photobloggers

Me and my shadowThis week’s interview with Gil Rondan has me focused on photoblogs.  For those who create their own photoblogs, here’s something you’ll want to check out: Photo Blog Directoy.

Photo Blog Directory [PBD] is a newly-formed blog directory helping you to find great photoblogs around the world.  Be sure to stop by and submit your photoblogging site.

For those who just like to look at the pictures, you will enjoy checking out the Evergreen Alumni online gallery, where you can find regular additions of photographic work from Evergreen students at all skill levels.  Also, after poking around the Photo Blog Directory, I enjoyed peeking in at Photo Planet by Sergio Bottoni, and GOSU by Jason Strachan.

Enjoy the pictures, and Happy Winter Solstice everyone!


4 Responses to More news for photobloggers

  1. bloglily says:

    Thanks for these great links Jade. My family used to live in Olympia, and my little brother went to Evergreen. What a lot of creative people there are, hiding up there in the woods. xo, BL

  2. JLB says:

    BlogLily, indeed Evergreen is quite a unique place – I really enjoyed my time there and all the unique people I met!

    Glad you enjoyed the links. I hope you and your family have the happiest of holidays!

  3. Bernita says:

    Want to wish you ” a Mereee Christmas!”

  4. JLB says:

    Bernita, and a (belated) Merry Christmas to you as well Bernita! 😀

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