Ripples in the pond


This week I’ve been occupied with a few projects, including a guest-blog for Garden Rant on Christmas trees, and an interview with Bill Gladden, the Director for Open Space Preservation Department in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  Next week I’ll be sharing the results of our interview (and tour of local preserves) at Arboreality.

In all, it has been a good, productive week, but left me with little time to send ripples here at the Brainripples blog.  I have an excellent interview with a photographer just waiting to be published.  That will come online here shortly, to be followed this month by an interview with a classical artist, and after that, our first writer interview (yahoo!).

My interview with Bill Gladden stirred up a number of interesting conversations, including the ways in which art and science help us to preserve those things which are most precious to us.  At one point, we began to consider what attributes of the Chester County communities have inspired so many people to be personally motivated to support local conservation efforts.

Bill suggested that among other things, the influence of the Brandywine area has helped to instill a culture of conservation.  He went on to explain that the Wyeths and the corresponding art scene in the Brandywine area have brought images of Brandywine to the world.  The result has been a strong desire on behalf of the community to preserve the beautiful landscapes painted and loved by so many.  [For examples, you can check out a few of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings at the National Gallery of Art online.]

Which brings me to our thought for discussion: in what ways to do you see your art (written, visual, kinetic, or otherwise), or the artistic works of others, influencing the world?  How does your art, intentionally or not, affect the world around you?

If you can’t see any effects today, how might you hope that your work will influence future generations?


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