Environment is everything


Environment, and our attitudes thereto, can have tremendous impacts on our art.  The places, people, and perspectives we choose to surround ourselves with affect what we experience, and how we translate those experiences into our craft.


Some environments seem especially, if not notoriously, attractive to artists of various media, styles, and periods.  Places like Paris or Greenwich Village make a name for themselves in part owing to their burgeoning artistic histories.  Villas and landmarks made famous by musicians and poets are woven into the places-to-go-before-I-die-lists of countless admirers.


But for all the pomp, grandeur, and “je ne sais quoi” of the many well-known places of inspiration and artistic creation, little can replace the subtle and varied influences of our chosen locality.  We can feel the rhythms of regional arts from around the world pulse through the creations of each generation.


So too can we find the distinctly unique voice which sings from the artist who is immersed in the act of inspiration.  Artist communities are not new creations, but I am especially intrigued by the Kayenta Homes community, home to artisans and other inquisitive folks in search of a unique lifestyle.  I’m not much of a desert woman, but I am intrigued by a place where people strive to blend the designs of housing and community with the earth, right down to considerations for open space, limited light pollution, and inspiring views and vistas for all.

How does your choice of environment affect your art?  Have you made choices, past or present, in direct response to your artistic and creative needs?  If you could change your surroundings to be any place, any time… would you, and whence?

Coming up this week at Brainripples: another Feature Artist Interview!  And I promise, Monday Morning Muse shall return!


One Response to Environment is everything

  1. jason evans says:

    Sense of place and environment is the #1 influence on my writing. If feel settings shape and guide the people within it. I know it does for me personally.

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