Yet more discoveries: Sing Whelk


Today I’m catching up on some of my favorite blogs, and what should I find when I stop in at Lené’s Counting Petals but a post announcing the creation of her new writing blog: Sing Whelk.

Lené is currently a student pursuing her MFA in writing.  Sing Whelk will feature resources for writers, creative musings, poetry, prompts, and other literary tools.  Be sure to stop by and she what she’s creating!

4 Responses to Yet more discoveries: Sing Whelk

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Lene’s blogs were a great read and I’m looking forward to what comes next!
    Anita Marie

  2. JLB says:

    Anita, I am as excited as you – each day I find something new to do with Brainripples, and I’ve found that one of my favorites is to introduce other artists/writers and their work to the rest of the readers here!

  3. Buffy says:

    Loved the link. Thanks.

  4. JLB says:

    Glad you found us Buffy! Welcome, and thanks!

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