Literary Journal: Apple Valley Review


Recently I learned of another excellent online literary journal: the Apple Valley Review.  The Apple Valley Review is edited by Leah Browning, and publishes a unique selection of prose and poetry twice each year.

Yesterday I spent some time reading through the current Fall 2006 issue.  One of my favorite parts of reading the Apple Valley Review is hearing the thoughts of the authors published at the end of most works.  Therein writers share insights into their particular pieces, and their thoughts on writing in general.

Naturally I was attracted to the plethora of varied and excellent poetry, but I found some wonderful fiction and nonfiction in the journal’s pages.  It’s always a challenge to pick a favorite, but I was especially drawn to the poems Woman gives birth at café, refuses to leave until latte finished by Jerry Ratch, and two pieces by Ester Bloom: I do not spend a lot of time thinking, and at 70.

Perhaps my favorite reading experience thus far has been the essay Viola Pruessner by Francine M. Tolf.  It reads rather like poetry, and I was completely caught off guard when I shed tears at the end of Tolf’s piece.  Viola Pruessner felt as though she had been a part of my life, too.


Some works are playful, others meditative, and overall there is a consistent quality in the unique voices compiled in the Apple Valley Review.  Submissions are accepted year-round.  According to the sumbission guidelines, the Apple Valley Review seeks “work that has both mainstream and literary appeal.”

Visual artists may also wish to pay a visit to the Apple Valley Review.  This issue’s vivid cover art is the creation of Leann Lidz.  I did not see mention of how cover art is selected, but you can review the submission guidelines for written works by visiting the Apple Valley Review, and clicking “Submit” in the sidebar.  Contact Leah Browning directly with more questions.

Happy reading everyone!


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  1. […] may recall Francine M. Tolf from previous reviews at Brainripples of the Apple Valley Review.  Tolf wrote the essay Viola Pruessner, and recently published The Summer Before Eighth Grade in […]

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