See you in a week!


Happy Halloween!


I’m taking off for a week to enjoy the outdoors for my favorite time of year – my birthday, and Halloween.  Oh yes.

I will return Monday, November 6th to share my adventures and continue our discussions here at Brainripples.  We’ll meet our first feature artists shortly after I return, and I plan to have pictures and stories to share from my travels.

Until then, here are some fun and interesting artists you can play with:

Edgar Allen Poe, Writer (1809-1849)

Although it’s impossible to pick a favorite, Poe is certainly an author whose work I enjoy and admire.  This site tells you more about his life, and gives you access to a few of his selected works.

Claudia Fernety, Artist

I discovered Claudia’s work at MoonCircles.  She’s got some gorgeous material with galleries you can explore.  If you’re like me and enjoy the work of Frida Kahlo, you’re certainly going to see some familiar faces!

Carl Cook, Photographer

This month I contributed photos to a growing gallery of photography by Evergreen alumni.  Therein I have found several amazing photographic artists, including Carl Cook.  He has some breathtaking wildlife photos, and a series on skulls which is not to be missed.


And of course, if you need more fun things to play with, explore my sidebar – it’s slowly growing with artists across media, and I hope to eventually graduate them out of the sidebar, and onto their own pages of artist links.  Also, if you’re looking for a fun and easy craft for the holiday, check out the yarn spider webs.


Oh yes – and you can enjoy the “Thirteen Nights of Halloween” at Tales from the Microbial Laboratory.

Have a most excellent Halloween, Samhain, Days of the Dead, and whatever other celebrations you enjoy at this lovely time of year!


3 Responses to See you in a week!

  1. Ester says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have fun 🙂

  2. marcail says:

    Thanks for the links, Have a good one.

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