More on Characters

Over at All Kinds of Writing, Melly is discussing the finer points of multi-dimensional character development. 

Between Melly’s thoughts on how to create dynamic characters, and the character discussion in progress over at Lisa Coutant’s blog She’s At It Again, I have found myself thinking back on some of my favorite characters from stories, and even movies and television.


I love intelligent characters, and characters with a sense of humor.  I love characters who have a certain “ring” to them which resonates with some aspect of myself.  I love characters who make mistakes, grow, and evolve.  And I love Lieutenant Commander Data – his character is one of many variations on the “mechanical man.”  (He SO has to be coming back to life in the next Star Trek movie.  Hey, Spock did it!)

Who are your favorite characters?  What is it about well-written characters that really makes them believable for you?


4 Responses to More on Characters

  1. Ester says:

    My favorite characters are developed in the stories written by Shirow Masamune: Ghost in the Shell. He is such a brilliant writer, making the lives of these characters so believable that you’d think you might meet them one day in real life! The episodes for television (Stand Alone Complex) are great. Check it out, the art is really captivating too!

  2. JLB says:

    Ester, thanks for sharing the Ghost in the Shell – I hadn’t heard of those stories before! I’ll have to give them a try soon – thanks for the link too!

  3. Flood says:

    Owen Meany (of “A Prayer for…” fame) was just about the greatest character I’ve read. I loved his dialogue and each page without him left me lonely. I also loved all the women of The Red Tent and wept like a baby when I finished the book.

  4. JLB says:

    Flood, I love your comment about how a page without your favorite character leaves you missing him. That’s definitely the feeling I get at the end of a well-written book: even more than wanting the story to continue, I just want to spend more time with the characters!

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