More on the business of writing

After this morning’s post about the business of writing, I came across another post related to publication and the submissions process which I thought I’d share!

If you’re looking for thoughts on the submissions process from a published novelist, check out Ray Wong’s blog I, the author, and his recent post On Submission.

Ray is the author of the new novel, The Pacific Between.  While I haven’t had a chance to read it myself, you can hear some great things about it from Mark Pettus at his blog The Bluff in his April book review of The Pacific Between.


3 Responses to More on the business of writing

  1. Pyronik says:

    That’s kind of neat, I’m always curious about the writing business since I’m a story-minded person [read: daydreamer].

  2. Great. Thanks for the info.


  3. JLB says:

    Pyronik, daydreamers make great story-tellers! I hope that you find some of the info I offer helpful. You’re a wonderful visual artist, and I imagine that you’re writing is equally as engaging!

    Oni, you’re most welcome! I look forward to the chance to read your interview!

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